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  • Release Date: 30 November 2018


Label Review. 

2018 album also available in CD.

Our Overview. 

The phenomenal Jeff Tweedy releases ‘Warm’. A solo album of all new material on November 30th via dBpm Records. ‘Warm’ was produced and recorded entirely by Jeff at Chicago’s now legendary studio, The Loft (with help from some of his usual collaborators – Spencer Tweedy, Glenn Kotche and Tom Schick). ‘Warm’ follows the acoustic retrospective release, Together at Last (2017), and Wilco’s 2016 album, Schmilco. 

The incredible liner notes for ‘Warm’ were written by George Saunders and are available to read in full at The New Yorker. 

“Certain lyrical flowers sprout up with regularity across the ten song-yards that are this record. A son who has lost a father sings to his wife, his sons, that father. There are apologies, and mirror-twins; threats to enemies (‘I’d love to take you down / and leave you there’) and entreaties (‘Let’s go rain again!’) and dreamy challenges (‘I wonder how much freedom we can dream’) and ornery morphings of language that serve a simple function: they make the listener love language again.” – George Saunders, Liner Notes for Jeff Tweedy’s ‘Warm’.

In conjunction with album announcement, dBpm presents lead single, “Some Birds,” and its accompanying video directed by Seth Henrikson. "When I got the call to collaborate with Jeff on the video for ‘Some Birds’ it was a thrill and an honor,” comments Henrikson. “The concept for the video naturally highlights Jeff’s amazing song writing and lyrical genius. However, it also exploits another of Jeff’s gifts -- his uncanny sense of men’s fashion and hairstyles. I’m excited to share it with Tweedy fans!” 

Jeff describes the song as “like a lot of songs on ‘Warm’, being a confrontation between self and shadow self simultaneously feeling I'm to blame and not to blame, present and gone, and utterly confused, but determined to hold someone accountable.”