Wreckless Eric

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  • Release Date: 12 May 2017


Label Review.

1978 album remastered and restored to correct speed. With 3 bonus tracks. Edsel.

Our Overview.

Wreckless Eric was one of the original crop of signings to Stiff Records along with The Damned, Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Nick Lowe, and a couple of years later Madness .‘Wreckless Eric’ was the sixth album release on Stiff Records, released on June 1, 1978 and features Eric’s most famous song – the legendary ‘Whole Wide World’, now critically considered to be one of the best punk rock singles of all time. ‘Whole Wide World’ has appeared in several films, most recently in the 2006 film ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ where Will Ferrell starts singing the song while playing the guitar before the original version takes over.

Bonus tracks are the b-side and fan favourite ‘Semaphore Signals’ and Wreckless Eric’s two contributions to the classic Live compilation from the first Stiff tour – ‘Stiffs Live Stiffs’.