An A Cappella Experience

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  • Release Date: 04 November 2016


Judith explains: In July 2006 I was unexpectedly asked to sing at a gathering in Sydney where someone was going to speak about spirituality. The request was quite unique to perform a short set of spiritual songs ‘a cappella’. I had certainly never thought of singing ‘a cappella’ in a large auditorium before. The purity of the simple presentation seemed to engender a very peaceful environment and for me the lyrics became more like prayers. Over a period of two years I went on to record a wide ‘a cappella’ repertoire of spiritually focussed material and it has been a wonderful joy for me. I hope it proves to be an uplifting experience for you as I now share these deeply personal songs in this collection. Back in 2009, I then presented a unique recital ‘Up Close & Personal’ combining some of the 24 spiritual songs I had recorded in the studio setting. I also recited some of my poems, dating back to my first published poem at the age of 13. The recital was filmed so I hope you enjoy the occasion as it brings back some lovely memories for me too of an ‘a cappella’ experience.


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