Aru Otoko No Densetsu

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  • UPC: 0781484505518
  • Release Date: 28 September 2018


Label Review.

2018 album.

Our Overview.

Yokohama-based producer Foodman will release his new album, ‘Aru Otoko No Densetsu’, on Los Angeles artist Sun Araw’s Sun Ark Records. With a series of relentlessly experimental and future-minded releases, Foodman has proven again and again that his work rewards the adventurous music lover’s attention in excess.

Starting with a single monochromatic click that wanders long corridors into larger and larger space, the album quickly blossoms into lush and overwhelmingly colourful sonic landscapes with vast wireframe horizon vistas. The generosity of Foodman’s compositions comes prominently to the foreground, as well as their humour and poignancy.

With ‘Aru Otoko No Densetsu’ Foodman continues to unroll effortless, fractalising sonic devices in his own tradition, building further worlds, and inviting the listener to wander their domes.

Sun Ark Records are extremely proud to present the full-length album ‘Aru Otoko No Densetsu’ on vinyl, accompanied by a full-colour art booklet of drawings by Foodman.


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