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Label Review.

2019 album. Electronica. 

Our Overview.

Raised in the Amazonia, between Ecuador and Peru, the name of Mateo Kingman conjures up a jungle in its own right. The Amazonian environment is the basis of everything for Kingman and his records culminate in a big party that embraces the rich musical tradition of his country, bringing it to the forefront of the electronic scene. Mateo conceives of his second album ‘Astro’ as a cure for the healthy. It’s a journey across the constellation of the snake, a journey at once earthly and cosmic.

The poetic text expressed with a multiplicity of vocal timbres drives the musical journey, starting with the decision to face up to our demons, passing through a deep sense of vertigo and sacred healings, to return us to ourselves, reconciled and grateful. Musically, ‘Astro’ expresses an intense investigation, tying together different threads: contemporary urban song (trap, hip hop, and elements of electronic music), traditional Latin American melodies influenced by shamanic icaro chants, and the emphasis on synthesisers, resulting in a new, hypnotic kind of sound.

In a world in which we increasingly need more stimuli and approval from the outside, Astro invites us to take a look inside and explore all the aspects of the self, from the darkest to the lightest. On this record, Mateo Kingman shows a strong point of view as the author, although he moves away from the sounds and themes with which he made his name, daring to mix current trends, urban rhythms and vocal experiments, forming a constellation through which we can all travel, showing a clear personal and musical evolution.