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2019 album.

Our Overview.

The Bristol UK based The Schmoozenbergs new album ‘Awaken’ conjures up the mood of 1930s Paris, fused with flavours of Eastern Europe and the energy of a campfire jam session, The Schmoozenbergs’ - Stan Stennett, Tom Brydon-Smith, Gina Griffin and Ron Phelan - have crafted a voyage of delight, a foot tapping whirl of expressive energy that captures the need for beauty in all its forms and the unseen delightful smile that recalls the positivity of good stimulated rousing. With two guitars, violin and double bass, they bring irresistible rhythms, lyrical melodies and joyful improvisation to create an upbeat and heart- warming sound.

The Schmoozenbergs formed in 2012 and their album ‘Awaken’ is an album of original instrumental compositions and a genre spanning journey through jazz, world, gypsy, acoustic and folk influences, which captures the distinctive, evocative and playful energy of the band. Carefree times during an era of repression and conflict are to be savoured. It would of course better for all concerned if moments in history had not been under the jackboot of tyranny and the rule of fear, however out of such times comes a rebellion, the people fight back the only way they can, with a mood of enjoyment, of bliss and the ability to dance under the spotlight and raise a smile which infuriates those with no humour or soul in their body.

In a way it is almost as if oppression breeds anarchy, the feeling of escape one revels in when hugged around a camp fire and the open air delight of a song is tested against the drudgery of the nine to five and the serial procession of blank eyes and convicted ties, we somehow let loose, freedom allows the ability to be uplifted and for The Schmoozenbergs that freedom is energy driven, improvised compositions in a journey that culminates in their brand new album.

The album was recorded at Real World Studios and the Schmoozenbergs have played live shows throughout the country, including festival performances (Glastonbury, Boomtown, Shambala, Green Man), dance events and national venue tours. This is their first release of original music, and has been made with the support of funding from Arts Council England.

Tracks: 1. Cortisol Swing 2. Runaway 3. P’tit Vin Rouge 4. The Long Road 5. Babyfoot6. Charmed Snake 7. Iseult’s Bees 8. Awaken 9. The Black Rock 10. The Wren 11. Finale