Being Frank - The Chris Sievey Story

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'Being Frank - The Chris Sievey Story' is a movie that’s been years in the making. Director Steve Sullivan has crafted a stunning and honest account of both Chris and Frank that is most definitely not bobbins. Filmed in collaboration with Sievey’s closest friends and family, the film features previously unseen footage, unheard performances and lost tracks, the best of which you get to hear on this album. Also available on vinyl picture disc

The film is also available on DVD and Blu-ray

Our Overview. 

Frank Sidebottom was one of a kind, a surrealist, a performance artist, a grown man in his 30s whose mum didn’t know he was a pop star. Appearing on kids TV shows, in comics, in front of drunken audiences, Frank (who some said had a papier-mâché head, although I never bought that story) was a legend. His takes on Queen, Kylie and The Fall are incredible in their depth, breadth and silliness. His onstage battles with his cardboard sidekick Little Frank would have Freud reaching for his Ventalin. The whole act was joyous, bizarre and very, VERY funny.

Frank was the alter ego of frustrated pop star Chris Sievey. Chris was a poet, musician and leader of cult group The Freshies. The band sniffed the faint aroma of chart success once with their indie classic ‘I’m In Love With The Girl On The Manchester Megastore Check Out Desk’. It’s the greatest pop hit that never was. In an attempt to sell more Freshies records, Chris gave birth to Frank (which I imagine would be tricky with a head that size) and Frank went on to take over the world. Well, Timperley at least.

You don’t have to be a fan of Chris or Frank to enjoy this movie and soundtrack. You just have to be interested in the odd, the loner, the creative, the outsider. This is a beautiful film and a wonderful soundtrack.

1. Cello Man – Chris Sievey

2. Gogglebubbleland - Martin & Chris

3. Reflections And Dialogue With Mr Sievey – Chris Sievey

4. Slump – The Bees Knees

5. Paula My Love – Chris Sievey’s Pyjama Band

6. Self-Copyright Message – Chris Sievey

7. No Money - The Freshies

8. I’m In Love With The Girl On The Manchester (BLEEP) Megastore Checkout Desk – The Freshies

9. Off Key Siren – Chris Sievey

10. Fasten Your Seatbelts – The Freshies

11. Timperley Travelogue – Frank Sidebottom

12. Greengrocer On The Corner – The Sidebottom Twins

13. Slip - Chris Sievey

14. Swingbeat Art Print Girl – Chris Sievey

15. Franksworld Theme – Chris Sievey & Frank Sidebottom

16. Magical Timperley Tour (extra keyboard ver.) – Frank Sidebottom

17. Frank Sidebottom’s Proper Telly Show In B&W Theme – Chris Sievey

18. Hey You, Street Artist – Frank Sidebottom

19. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Frank Sidebottom

20. Lazy Rising More Slowly, Where R.U., Oh 'Chele – Chris Sievey

21. Life With The Lyons – The Freshies

22. I’m In Love With The Girl On The Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk (Silly Accents Ver.) – The Freshies (CD Bonus Track)


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