Blue and White

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Label Review.

1984 album. Jazz.

Our Overview.

A spectacular limited edition reissue of ‘Blue And White’ from the American jazz guitarist Doug Raney. The son of the legendary guitarist Jimmy Raney, Doug was heavily influenced by his father. Doug was an impressive soloist, he utilised almost identical full tones, crisp chording, and fluid voicings. He made his first recording with his father and Al Haig in the mid-'70s, then did duo dates with his dad later in the decade. Raney built a particularly sizeable discography on the SteepleChase label, beginning in the '70s and extending nearly to the end of the '90s. He recorded with Chet Baker and Bernt Rosengren and played in Horace Parlan’s band.

“Blue And White is probably the best of (Raney’s early releases in the 80’s – ed) them, dominated by titanic performances of Jimmy Heath’s ‘Gingerbread Boy’ and Coltrane’s‘Straight Street’”. Richard Cook & Brian Morton, The Penguin Guide to Jazz

“Players of Doug Raney’s depth and talent don’t come along very often, making their absence, when their end does come, something almost tactile.” - Larry Grinnel

Doug Raney (Aug. 29, 1956 – May 1, 2016) moved to Copenhagen, Denmark from New York when he was 21 after a European tour with his famous guitarist father JimmyRaney. Doug spent the rest of his rather short life in Copenhagen. He collaboration with SteepleChase started shortly after his move to Denmark in 1977 with the debut album “Introducing Doug Raney”. Since then he released 17 highly acclaimed leader album during the 80s and 90s.

Band members: Doug Raney (guitar), Ben Besiakov (piano), Jesper Lundgaard (bass), Aage Tanggaard (drums)

Track listing:

1. Blue And White

2. I Love You

3. Gingerbread Boy

4. Old Devil Moon

5. Old Folks

6. Straight Street

7. Minority