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  • Release Date: 10 July 2020


Label Review.

2020 album. Indie.

Our Overview.

‘Clouded’ is the solo debut album for Les Nuby. Beginning as the drummer in the 90s Birmingham, Alabama indie-rock power house, Verbena, Les Nuby began a steady musical exploration that’s still going. He’s a one-time touring member for Scottish legends Idlewild, touring guitarist with Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), guitar slinger for Vulture Whale, and current guitarist/vocalist for Holiday Gunfire. It’s a hefty musical resume before the production credits even begin.

In his Birmingham studio, Ol’ Elegante, Nuby has been the production captain for several notable releases in the past few years for artists such as Will Stewart, Sarah Lee Langford, The Dirty Clergy, and Witch’s Wall, to name a few. He’s pretty much been there and done it all in the past couple of decades as player and producer. The only item missing from the list was a solo album. Until now.

Naturally, given his musical pedigree, Nuby had to do it all himself on his premiere offering, and produced, engineered, and played all the instruments on ‘Clouded’, and the ten track album blends Southern sensibilities with a shoe-gaze sound, while at the same time, giving it a Brit-rock vibe. Whatever the genre, whatever the sound, Nuby’s track record goes way before him, so you know you’re going to love it before you even press play.

Nuby’s solo debut ‘Clouded’ injects a southern sensibility into his unique and ultracapable take on brit/shoe-gaze rock that produces ten melody laden, thoughtfully arranged and undeniably powerful songs. Nuby produced, engineered and played all the instruments on ‘Clouded’, a reminiscent snapshot of when music had the ability to make you drive faster and cry harder. It may have taken him awhile to get around to making an album all for himself. But, anyone who knows the man or is familiar with his past work isn’t going to be surprised that ‘Clouded’ has clearly been worth the wait.

Tracklisting: Never Falling Away / Fighting Sleep / Know What She Said / Now It’s On / Come To Us / Hey Ivey / Standing Still / OK Let’s Try / Say Love / The Shadowlands