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Label Review.

2019 album. Jazz.

Our Overview.

‘Counterpart’ is the stunning collaborative debut album between Sean Foran and Stuart McCallum, which in effect has been maturing in the vaults for a while as it was recorded some five years ago. Located on different sides of the world, but sharing a similar musical pathway, ‘Counterpart’ is the collaborative album of the Australian pianist Sean Foran from the trio Trichotomy, and Manchester guitarist Stuart McCallum, (The Breath, and Slowly Rolling Camera).

Indeed, ‘Counterpart’ is an apt description for the similar lives and musical journeys these two artists take on opposing sides of the world, but their shared musical style and vision coupled with the uncanny ability to craft songs matching each musicians sensibilities results in an album of remarkable depth and beauty.

Ranging from lush cinematic textures to delicate piano and guitar improvisations, the album traverses sounds from modern classical, to new jazz, and ambient music. Deeply melodic, with rich textural interaction, the improvisations are captivating, Foran plays grand piano and synthesisers, while McCallum conjures a vast array of sounds from his acoustic and electric guitars.

This has the feel and touch of a Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays collaboration back in the day, a world away from the crash bang wallop of heavy groove and instead more a journey into dreamy soundscapes, delicate harmonies, and pastoral imaginings. There is clear empathy from Foran and McCallum, each finishing the other’s sentences where necessary. Boosted at strategic points by the drums of John Parker and bass of Sam Vicary above all this is an intimate journey, full of harmonic pleasures, the musicianship has a real quality to it and what is more the compositional flow goes somewhere and the melodies linger long.