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  • Release Date: 19 October 2018


Label Review. 

2018 album also available in CD.

Our Overview.

‘D’angelo’ is the new album from acclaimed Berlin based German electronica DJ and producer. His third album is the sound of a young artist getting in touch with his roots, exploring new landscapes and freeing inhibitions; deconstructing pop atmospheres while in search of his past, and reforming them into something deeply moving.

Drawing inspiration from the life and works of the baroque painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, the album fuses laidback pop sensibility with moody cinematographic soundscapes, a departure from previous sounds.

In fact, ‘D’angelo’ sees the drawing together of the personal and musical influences that led to the creation of both his classical and dance releases over the last few years. What you get is a track that marries a sense of raw grandeur with an intimate and personal touch, reassuring as August exposes some of his innermost thoughts and feelings.

August has this to say about the piece, and the album: “Two years ago, I had this urgent desire to have a true dialogue with myself,” David explains. “All these influences came during the process of finding an identity, the own story and not being a slave of whatsoever. I had to go back in time, confront my Italian roots and embody this rich culture as much as possible into my work. Something I never did before and sad enough I needed 26 years to do so.”

‘D’angelo’ features elements of Balearic pop, noir jazz, post-rock, and the raw genre scramblings of fellow traveller Forest Swords, wound up into something excruciatingly personal.


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