Fond Reflections

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  • Release Date: 01 March 2019


Label Review.

Early 4AD band who only issued one EP in 1980. A collection of tracks from the bands archive plus the original EP with other tracks from the sessions. Also available in Vinyl.

Our Overview.

40 years after disbanding comes ‘Fond Reflections’, the debut album that never was from cult 4AD band Rema- Rema. 

Rema-Rema featured former members of The Models and Siouxsie and The Banshees and their much-loved ‘Wheel In The Roses’ EP (1980) was among the first records to be released on 4AD. Their only contribution to the label’s storied history, they split-up before its release, going on to form or join bands as diverse as Renegade Soundwave, The Wolfgang Press, Mass and Adam and the Ants.

The debut album that never was, ‘Fond Reflections’ comes almost forty years after their debut EP and has been culled from the band’s rich archive of reel-to-reel and cassette recordings, with member Gary Asquith and mixing engineer Takatsuna Mukai painstakingly working on them to make the album as cohesive as possible.

The ten tracks pretty much reflect the band’s live set and is the closest to what their debut album could have sounded like. Worth noting too that although all their 1980 EP tracks are present on the album, they are all from different recordings.

The 2CD edition comes with a second disc entitled ‘Extended Wheel In The Roses’. As its title suggests, it’s the four EP tracks as they were plus ‘Entry’ (taken from the same studio session as the EP’s A-side of ‘Feedback Song’ and ‘Rema- Rema’) and ‘No Applause’ and ‘Murdermuzic’, two more tracks recorded at the same 1979 Albany Empire, London show as the EP’s B-side, ‘Instrumental’ and ‘Fond Affections’.