June Is Short July Is Long

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  • Release Date: 05 July 2019


Label Review.

2019 album. Americana. Also available on Vinyl.

Our Overview.

Singer/songwriter Jeb Loy Nichols, the UK-based, Wyoming-born artist & songsmith, whose soulful style incorporates folk, blues, reggae, and country flavours, is releasing ‘June Is Short, July Is Long’ on Compass Records.

Jeb has been putting out his own singular brand of smoky retro soul for over two decades, gathering a fervent cult following along the way and on this release he is backed by his touring band, the Westwood All-Stars. His new music is a record of his journey. Raised on bluegrass and country & western music, Nichols discovered southern soul when he was a teenager. From there it was off to New York City and hip-hop, then over to London and reggae and dancehall. It was this potent mix of genres - his love of classic American roots music and Jamaican reggae, dub and dancehall - that’s since been his signature.

‘June Is Short, July Is Long’ was recorded in Wales - where Jeb lives on a remote small holding in the Welsh hills - with The Westwood All-Stars for an organic, capturing-a-moment feel. “It was all done in five days,” he says of the sessions. “One day setting up, one day learning the songs, three days recording... it was great. The best music is a conversation, and this was a conversation between old friends.”

The resulting “musical conversation” has the lived-in, comfortable feel of a classic. It could sit comfortably alongside vintage albums by Ry Cooder or Van Morrison with its stripped-down, real-deal mix of joy and pain. “If you keep it simple,” he says, “there’s less to go wrong.” The resulting collection of songs proves his point. “You take a little country, some soul, some old friends and few good stories, and what can go wrong?”