Means of Escape

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  • Release Date: 20 September 2019


Label Review.

2019 album. Blues Rock. Also available on Vinyl.

Our Overview.

British blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter Danny Bryant has been developing his music craft since the age of 18 when he became a professional guitar player and now the acclaimed musician is releasing his stunning new album ‘Means Of Escape’.

Bryant, who has been described as a “National Blues Treasure” by Classic Rock magazine, returns with his most powerful collection of songs to date on this his 11th studio release. Making his debut as a producer, the guitarist assembled a truly stellar collection of world class personnel to help him to craft an album that he has been, “waiting his whole career to create.”

Engineered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Ian Dowling (Adele, KT Tunstall) and recorded at Lincolnshire’s famed Chapel Studios, “Means of Escape” features nine tracks of blistering Blues rock of the highest calibre. From the thundering opening bars of “Tired of Trying”, to the haunting melody of the closing instrumental, “Mya”. The entire album is an emotional rollercoaster that hits you right between the eyes and straight through the heart.

The album burns with energy and emotion from the start and never fades. From the primal cry of “Too Far Gone”, to the explosive slide playing of “Hurting Time”, Danny Bryant is at the top of his A game. Mastered at London’s world-famous Abbey Road Studios by Grammy award-winning Sean Magee (Gary Moore, The Rolling Stones), Bryant has finally captured the raw energy and excitement of his live shows.

“This album was a joy to make from start to finish,” says Danny. “I can honestly say I’m proud of this piece of work more than anything I have done in my 20- year career. Music is my release in the world, it’s my way of surviving, it’s my means of escape.

“I wanted these songs to retain their urgency and excitement and not get lost in over production. For the sessions, we used my regular road band (both four-piece and Big Band formats) and, for the most part, that is how we made the album - minimal overdubs and lots of fun and passion.

“Once the album was recorded, the sessions were then mixed in Nashville by the legendary Eddie Spear. Eddie has worked with a whole host of bands such as U2, Rival Sons, and Chris Stapleton, and across many genres. I am a fan of his mixes. The brief was to achieve a clear, powerful and modern sounding studio album. I’m proud of the results."