No You

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  • Release Date: 19 July 2019


Label Review.

2019 album. Featuring Nicholas Bullen founder member of Napalm Death. Also available on Vinyl.

Our Overview.

‘No You’ is the blistering and immersively menacing debut album from Rainbow Grave, featuring Nicholas Bullen (founder member of Napalm Death and Scorn) and John Pickering (founder member of Doom and Sore Throat), alongside James Commander and Nathan Warner. The Birmingham based four piece Rainbow Grave are putting a muddy, intense, psychedelic spin on punk and channel the blank despair of negative punk through layers of distorted psychedelic damage: dirty guitars, freeform pedal abuse and effected vocals coagulate around cyclic bass and drum rhythms in repetitive and minimal structures.

After a performance at Fat Out Fest in April 2017, God Unknown Records approached the group to record a split 7” single. Released in July 2018 as part of ‘Volume Three of the God Unknown Singles Series’, Rainbow Grave’s ‘Death Pyramid’ is a crawling mantric blend of heavy bass, psychedelic guitars, robotic vocals and hard drums described as “deeply hewn heaviness” (Shindig) and “congruent with the great scum rock purveyors of the late 80s” (The Wire).

Following the reception of the single, God Unknown invited Rainbow Grave to continue the relationship with the release of the ‘Sex Threat / You Are Nowhere’ 7” single in November 2018.

“Rainbow Grave are a Birmingham quartet whose sludge waffle sound is congruent with the great scum rock purveyors of the late 80s.” The Wire

“... nasty, grinding and hard, it’s a massive negative sound.” Louder Than War

“...a sludgetastic rumbler that out-Melvins The Melvins.” Shindig