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Label Review.

2019 album. Folk.

Our Overview.

‘Ore’ is the fourth solo album from Norwegian musician and composer Hans Fredrik Jacobsen and is an homage to every musician’s most important organ: the ear (“ore” in Norwegian translates to “ear” in English). ‘Ore’ is a cross-over album, with elements that Hans has worked on in his career. Here we find elements of early music, improvised music, folk music, and so-called world music. Hans Fredrik Jacobsen is considered to be one of the most versatile multi-instrumentalists in Norway.

‘Ore’ consists of a combination of solistic material, “trick”-recordings where Hans Fredrik Jacobsen plays all the instruments, as well as different ensembles. Hans Fredrik explains the process behind the album like this: ”Playing solo is another way of listening. You listen in a more inward way, into yourself. After having worked alone in the studiofor a while, it was good to be joined by the others who are included here. Solo playing is exciting, but the most fantastic things happen when you are playing in an ensemble. Music is a language. Improvising is like conducting a conversation you have never had before. The ear takes you on unfamiliar journeys, and sometimes you can find that you are doing something intuitively without really being able to explain afterwards what actually happened. This is a source of endless fascination.”

Hans is also renowned for the the work with his wife , the traditional folk singer Tone Hulbækmo, and with the medieval music group Kalenda Maya, as well as his concert and studio music. Jacobsen previous solo album were JóL (Via music 1998), Vind (Heilo 2004) og Trå dansen (Heilo 2013). He’s also contributed on Langt nord i skogen (KKV 1987) with Tone Hulbækmo, Himalaya Blues (Heilo 2004 together with Knut Reiersrud and the nepalese group Varja), Seljefløyta (Heilo 1997) with Steinar Ofsdal and Hallgrim Berg, and 3 albums with the medival music group Kalenda Maya: Renaissance and medieval music (Simax 1985), Norse ballads (KKV 1989) and Pilegrimsreiser (KKV 1997). Hans Fredrik has contributed on about 100 albums as a studio musician, he has collaborated with among others Erik Bye, Sondre Bratland, Secret Garden, Sissel Kyrkjebø, Annbjørg Lien and poets like Halldis Moren Vesaas, Ove Røsbak and Ola Jonsmoen.