Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot

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  • Release Date: 24 May 2019


Label Review. 

40 Years of Childish! Career-spanning compilation! Damaged Goods. Also available on CD.

Our Overview. 

The indomitable Billy Childish, punk rocker - Godfather of Kent punk - painter, novelist, poet, film maker and self professed outsider of the contemporary world is releasing a “must get your hands on’” career spanning compilation: the Billy Childish Story 1977 - 2017 , 40 years of Childish ‘Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot’.  Few performers in rock history have been as ferociously prolific as Mr Childish However, most have never heard of him, or heard one of the over 50 recordings he's made either solo or with one of his many bands Pop Rivets, the Milkshakes, Thee Mighty Caesars, the Delmonas, Thee Headcoats and the Natural Born Lovers), or read his over 40 books of poetry and assorted scribblings, or possibly seen his exhibited paintings at art gallery’s. Billy Childish is a relentless and talented restless creative in every sense.

Playing a rough-and-tumble, punk-inspired approximation of what is normally called garage rock. Not one for elaborate production techniques, the consistent element of Billy’s music is that all of it sounds as though it was recorded and mixed in about an hour. He values immediacy and intensity, and frequently seems itching to move on to the next song, or, more specifically, the next band. A truly primitive talent (due to his learning disability - dyslexia, he has had little formal education) who -- à la Jad and David Fair of Half Japanese - eschews technical ability for pure emotion, Childish occupies an artistic role somewhere between mad genius and bratty goofball. Unfailingly sure of himself and his vision, his music is as honest and emotionally direct as one is likely to hear. Billy is still producing material at an amazing rate, epitomizing the endurance and drive of an artist who in many ways is the archetypal rock outsider.

Track Listing


1. Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Live) - The Pop Rivets Kray Twins (Demo) - The Pop Rivets 

2. Love Can Lose - The Milkshakes 

3. I'm Out of Control - The Milkshakes 

4. You Make Me Die - Thee Mighty Caesars 

5. The Double Axe - Thee Mighty Caesars 

6. Come Into My Life - Thee Mighty Caesars 

7. Cowboys are Square - Thee Mighty Caesars 

8. I feel Like Giving In - The Delmonas 

9. Brimful Of Hate - Jack Ketch And The Crowmen 

10. Davey Crocket - Thee Headcoats 

11. Girl From '62 -Thee Headcoats 

12. All My Feelings Denied - Thee Headcoats 

13. Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot - Thee Headcoats 

14. An Image of You - Thee Headcoats 

15. Evil Thing - Thee Headcoatees 

16. Wild Man - Thee Headcoatees 

17. Hurt Me - Thee Headcoatees 

18. I'm Hurtin' - Thee Headcoats 


1. Step Out - Billy Childish and Holly Golightly 

2. Upside Mine - Billy Childish and Holly Golightly I Don't Like The Man I Am - Billy Childish And The Singing Loins 

3. Muscle Horse - Billy Childish and Sexton Ming 

4. This Wondrous Day – Kyra 

5. Rum and Coca Cola - Wild Billy Childish And The Blackhands 

6. Mr Hitler - Wild Billy Childish And The Blackhands Archive from 1959 - The Buff Medways 

7. Troubled Mind- The Buff Medways 

8. Unable to See the Good - The Buff Medways 

9. Strood Lights - The Buff Medways 

10. The Man with The Gallows Eyes - The Chatham Singers 

11. The Angel of Death - The Chatham Singers 7/Medway Wheelers - The Buff Medways 8/You Piss Me Off - The Buffets


1. Joe Strummer's Grave - The Musicians of the British Empire 

2. Snack Crack - The Musicians of the British Empire 

3. Christmas 1979 - The Musicians of the British Empire Polygraph Test - The Guy Hamper Trio 

4. We Spartan Dreggs (Be Fine) - The Spartan Dreggs Headlong Fly the Achaeans - The Spartan Dreggs 

5. A Shropshire Lad - The Spartan Dreggs 

6. A Song For Kylie Minogue – CTMF

7. In A Parallel World – CTMF 

8. Something's Missing Inside – CTMF 

9. All Our Forts Are With You – CTMF 

10. Cadillac - The Dear Watsons 

11. It's so Hard to be Happy - The Shall I Say Quois