Seeking Thrills

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  • Release Date: 10 January 2020


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2020 album also available on CD.

Our Overview. 

Producer and club-informed forward thinker Londoner Georgia Barnes’ sophomore album, ‘Seeking Thrills’, is a musically daring story of hedonism, self-discovery and, above all, the transcendental power of the dancefloor. ‘Seeking Thrills’ is a sharply paced and fascinating album, packed with injections of lightness and fun, pared with rich, bubbling melodies that makes listening to it an experience that takes you into the party, through electro-pop into R&B, and back again. Her deep, brooding reflections carry us through euphoria, heartache and melancholy but always with the memory of the good times. Georgia is reminding you of the altitude of your last real thrill, and when we turn the record on, we’re there again, aching for more.

Heavily inspired by Chicago House and Detroit Techno of the early 80s, Seeking Thrills fuses analogue club sounds with solid pop songwriting and showcases Georgia's lifelong love affair with the drums.

The North West Londoner has been on a long, dazzling journey since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album in 2015. Her first self-titled collection of percussive, punk-inflected pop songs was lauded by The Guardian, Vice, The FADER and others - but nobody predicted the about turn she would make when she returned with two rough-hewn diamonds of house music in 2019.

Tracklisting: Started Out / About Work The / Dancefloor / Never Let You Go / 24 Hours * / Mellow (ft Shygirl) / Til I Own It / I Can’t Wait / Feel It / Ultimate Sailor / Ray Guns / / The Thrill (ft Maurice) / Honey Dripping Sky / * = CD / LP digital download card only