Surrealistic Feast

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  • Release Date: 24 May 2019


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2019 album also available on CD.

Our Overview. 

Weird Omen are a dark, mysterious and exceptional refreshing french trio that sings explosive indie rock from the left field and France’s psych rock trio return to thrill the world - and drag you begging for more into their world -  with their third album ‘Surrealistic Feast’. Martin Daccord (guitar/vocals), Fred Brissaud (sax), and Remi Lucas (drums/vocals) create sounds that would be party music for the dead. Though dark and eerie sounding, their lyrics talk about inside jokes, interesting characters, and things they all like to bullshit about. This combination of spooky and uplifting creates vibes so confusing that it just makes sense! Balancing between a gloomy psychedelic atmosphere and fast-paced punk energy, Weird Omen manage to make some new with the old, imposing their own unique style. Refusing to succumb to one genre only, the band bravely blends garage, exotica, rockabilly, and psych.

After meeting in Lyon, France, Daccord, Brissaud, and Lucas came together to fuse their different musical interests and created Weird Omen. Each gravitate towards different eras of music they tend to enjoy more; Brissaud leans towards the melodic rock of the ‘50s, Daccord jams long and hard to ‘60s and ‘70s bands, and Lucas, being the youngest, brings the garage and grunge of the ‘90s. They explain that growing up in France and trying to be angsty teenagers was actually a difficult task. “When I was a teenager there was just one place to buy CDs, and it was a cheap clothing shop, so the music I could find was totally vintage,” Daccord says. “What influenced us is that rock’n’roll is far [from us] and you have to reach for it in France, more so than if you were in the U.S. or the U.K.”.

Weird Omen choose to sing in English - without the hint of a French accent - because in the current state of rock’n’roll, and even the past of rock’n’roll history, the best songs were sung in English—and that’s what they aim to produce, the best rock’n’roll music! “It’s also easier to write our songs in English, because most of the rock’n’roll we listen to is in English,” Brissaud adds. “If we listen to a French band it’s mostly punk from the ‘80s or something, but really straight ’50s rock’n’roll music is hard to find in French.”

Weird Omen defies the current trends of garage; or more exactly, builds upon its foundations to make something completely different out of it. The band have just served up a new 7" ('Girls Are Dancing On The Highway' b/w 'A Place I Want To Know') single to wet the thirsty whistles of the garage-punk intelligentsia; paving the way for a European tour behind their forthcoming full-length LP.

“This French band’s last single barely stopped spinning, and they have already followed it up with a full length album. Though this is a different take from the single, “A Place I Want To Know” still has the trademark sax taking up the bass duties, and then some, in order to take you into a strange and magical world to get lost in. Still, Weird Omen’s psychedelia is quite subtle in the way their words and repetitive rhythms rather than effects alter your thoughts on “Wild Honey,” until they let the cat out of the bag at the end.” Metronome Magazine