There's No Fool Like An Old Fool

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  • Release Date: 16 March 2018


Label Review.

2018 album. Also available on Vinyl

Our Overview.

Alabama-raised, Austin-based Caroline Sallee, a.k.a. Caroline Says is to release her sophomore album ‘No Fool Like An Old Fool’ following her acclaimed debut '50.000.000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong’. There were rays of youth beaming through this music, but they never outshine a kind of maturity that betrays the fact that Sallee was just 22 years old when '50 Million' was made.

Moving beyond the surf-folk foundations of her debut, Sallee loosens her earthly tether, allowing her songs to float to ever higher altitudes on clouds of loops, immaculate melodies, and hypnotic harmonies, as she sings about ageing, the daily grind, and hometown stymie.

Moving to Austin in 2013 gave her a new perspective on her hometown of Huntsville, Alabama, which informed the overall vibe of the album. "I think leaving my fairly small hometown and then going back to visit it inspired the feeling I went for on this album. I observed that so many people I knew were content doing basically nothing. Or that they were scared to try to do anything or leave town, like they felt stuck there."

The hurdles she navigated to record naturally led to ad hoc recording techniques, and endless sonic experimentation, often leading to her use of the computer as an instrument. A tireless worker, and a wellspring of creativity, whatever Caroline Says is just great by us.


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