Titanic Rising

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  • Release Date: 05 April 2019


Label Review. 

2019 album also available in CD.

Our Overview. 

Weyes Blood, aka Natalie Mering releases her latest album ‘Titanic Rising’ a universe she designed to navigate through life’s mysteries. Natalie grew up singing in gospel and madrigal choirs. Listen closely to ‘Titanic Rising’ and you’ll also hear the jazz of Hoagy Carmichael mingle with the artful mysticism of Alejandro Jodorowsky and the monomyth of scholar Joseph Campbell. The album manoeuvres through a space time continuum, she plays the role of melodic, sometimes melancholic, anthropologist.

Tellingly, Mering classifies ‘Titanic Rising’ - written and recorded during the first half of 2018, after three albums and years of touring - as The Kinks meeting WWII or Bob Seger meets Enya. The latter captures the album’s wilful expansiveness “You can tell there’s not a guy pulling the strings in Enya’s studio,” she notes, admiringly. The former relays her imperative to connect with listeners. “The clarity of Bob Seger is unmistakable. I’m a big fan of conversational songwriting,” she adds. “I just try to do that in a way that uses abstract imagery as well.”

Weyes Blood’s observations play out in an ethereal saunter: far more meditative than cynical. To Mering, listening and thinking are concurrent experiences. “There are complicated influences mixed in with more relatable nostalgic melodies,” she says. “In my mind my music feels so big, a true production. I’m not a huge, popular artist, but I feel like one when I’m in the studio. But it’s never taking away from the music. I’m just making a bigger space for myself. 

CD in jacket with dust sleeve. LP in single-pocket jacket with custom dust sleeve and digital download coupon. Cassette with four-panel J-card in clear case.