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  • Release Date: 02 November 2018


Label Review.

2018 album also available in Vinyl.

Our Overview.

Mersey balladeer Bill Ryder-Jones has announced the release of his fifth album ‘Yawn’. It’s a good old fashioned guitar record, with lyrics you can relate to and melodies you can hum that might get stuck in your head — and you won’t even mind if they do!

Ryder-Jones has been writing tunes and playing actual instruments since 2002 when he was a key ingredient in The Coral, and he’s since gone on to make a nice little solo career for himself that has most recently found his dulcet mumble accompanying some long, guitar based tunes that evoke the sincerity and fun of the 1990s.

“But there's a fortune to be had from telling people you're sad” says Bill Ryder-Jones on the opening track of Yawn. But Bill won’t be ordering gold taps for his bathroom on your tear-ducts anytime soon, simply because there’s nothing mawkish or insincere going on in here. Yawn is an album that looks for understanding - down the back of life’s sofa.  These are everyday stories about situations we all fall from and into, out of, and back up against the wall again - and they are sung to us, up close, by a voice still in hock to a few uncomfortable truths.